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Would you have the President of the United States and the First Lady dress in rags and serve the visiting dignitaries on paper plates? Of course not. You have made totally ridiculous and meaningless comments.
the dogs were sitting at table looking absolutely adorable.
Amy, you know what is going on. The black thugs are the ones who are doing the Knock out game. You know what you are talking about. Don't let eircynot1 make you think you are racist or crazy or don't know what you are talking about. You've got it.
Concealed Carry - kill all of the son of a bitches you can- they are scum and don't deserve to live in a civilized society.Why do they think they can do this with impunity? How would they like it if this was done to them or their mothers or grandmothers - Oh, I guess they would not care.
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