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This is precisely why Republican's supporting Amnesty makes no sense to me. If the polling is true that 'Hispanics' favor big government, than legalizing millions of illegal immigrants would only create millions of new Democrats. Obama knows this. He is not acting out of some sort of 'moral principle' or 'compassion' when he says he wants 'comprehensive immigration reform.' he just wants new Democrat voters. More importantly, Obama's planned 'executive amnesty' would usurp the proper role of the congress and in my opinion is both illegal and a dangerous threat to the balance of power among the three branches of government. If he succeeds in doing it and no one fights it, he will have succeeded in his 'fundamental transformation' fo America that he said he would pursue.
Johnny, I agree with you but Christians need to do a better job of voicing their collective resistance to PC powers attempting to silence their voices and influence in society. Even Paul appealed to Caesar when efforts were made to unjustly silence him. The anti-Christian bigotry seems to have been fueled during the time Obama has been in Office.
As I said in another thread discussing this same topic, the 'progressive' idea of tolerance is really no real tolerance at all. It is a distortion; what it really is is a sustained campaign to silence any voices that do not tow the PC line and respect PC sacred cows. This type of 'tolerance' is pernicious, corrosive and poisonous and a way of robbing segments of the population of their freedom to have their voices heard in the public square. It is ugly and sickening, and I while I applaud Intervarsity by not caving in and compromising their beliefs, I think Christians in general need to do a better job of pushing back and not passively allowing the PC Gestapo to silence their voices in the public square.
This decision by the Cal State University system above all else, just stirs feelings of genuine sadness. Where 'progressives' rule, their is no genuine tolerance. In reality, it is a demand for conformity, to politically correct ideas, notions, viewpoints, etc. How can anyone argue that this veiled form of censorship is something truly good? worthwhile? That it encourages a truly open exchange of ideas and views? With 'progressives' it seems that the idea of true tolerance is thrown out the window and replaced with something that is truly pernicious, corrosive, and ultimately destructive to true and real diversity and respect of others rights to live their beliefs.
If the school caves, it will only encourage continued fallacious claims of 'violations of the establishment clause' by militant atheists. (and with the that statement I don't mean to say that all atheists are militant, but that those who are predisposed to act militantly against ANY semblance of public expression of religious belief will e emboldened). The context makes it plain that nether the schools nor the players were in some way promoting a religious belief, they were making a gesture to their deceased friend and chose to reference his belief system in their gesture. It is their right to do this. Rights are seldom taking away in one fell swoop (unless you are living in a dictatorship) but more often are 'eroded away' because free people become too intimidated or passive to push back and call out these attempts to abate legitimate rights as wrong. I dare say that militant atheists groups seems to have become more emboldened during the Obama presidency.
e-mail addresses: principal: val.wyatt@venturausd.org superintendent: trudy.arriaga@venturausd.org
I wish that people in Ventura who disagree with this action would petition the school or send a deluge of e-mails to the Principal and Superintendent stating their objection to this shameless intolerance. This is becoming way too common and will continue unless people speak up to those who perpetrate these type of antics steeped in political correctness.
principal: val.wyatt@venturausd.org superintendent: trudy.arriaga@venturausd.org
What is scary is that these actions happen, and that the perpetrators feel no repercussions at all for their actions. Essentially, these people are saying 'we are going to practice our own form of intolerance in the name of the sacred cows of inclusiveness and diversity and not allow anything or anyone who holds a view at odds with the politically correct views to have a place on campus life.' What they are doing is despicable and teaching young people that viewpoint discrimination is ok and that is ok for any person or organization that doesn't hold to a certain viewpoint (in this case a 'progressive' leftist one) to be ostracized. The arrogance shown by these individuals is mind boggling. In some way, it needs to be communicated to these people that what they are doing is simply wrong, and actually flies in the face of their claim to value 'inclusiveness.'
Excellent points.
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