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BREAKING: Eric Holder to Resign

marcmat Wrote: Sep 25, 2014 11:10 AM
"Lemme be clear: Attorney General Holder is NOT just the latest rat to abandon my sinking presidency." -- Barack Obama
I don't suppose it's ever dawned on our idiot President that such overtures may be nothing more than a calculated facade designed to hide the most sinister of intentions. Likewise, I don't suppose it's ever dawned on him that just because he "rejects" the notion of a class of civilizations doesn't mean that's not in fact what's actually occurring. The level of naivete is as striking as it is dangerous. God help us all.
I guess the "non-war" has finally started.
Yes for me, but not for thee.
Given the abject economic disaster that the southeast portion of this state has become, the fact that this race is even close speaks volumes about the collective intelligence of the electorate, both in Michigan and elsewhere. To think that Mitt Romney could have been the 45th president instead of the man child run amok is a tragedy of mega proportions.
Allow me to "degrade" John Kerry: this feckless stooge couldn't find his behind with both hands.
Or, perhaps the existence of something without an "antecedent cause" is just beyond our ability to comprehend?
That's fair. At least you are not so "arrogant" as to believe that there is no power greater than you. :)
Respectfully, I would argue that spiritual mortality is an impossibility. How is it possible for your consciousness to cease to exist? Put another way, if it did, how would you even know?
This sounds an awful lot like C.S. Lewis or something else I've read, but regardless, it remains persuasive. To doubters, I would also ask the following: can you comprehend the end of your own consciousness upon your body's physical death? Put another way, try to imagine the extinguishing of your own sense of mental awareness. I can't.
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