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Of course they didn't cry about the GM situation. They want the city to do what Obama did...stiff all bondholders and focus on paying the pensioners and civil servants if it comes down to it.
"...are simple..." apologies for quick typing this early in the morning.
I live in-state, and the responses to this question from the the goons is simple and consistent. The county is on the hook for the city, and the state is on the hook for the county. Because the pensions are a constitutional priority, state funding would need to consider them over all other business/operations. Makes about as much sense as someone who goes bankrupt due to massive student loan debt being told that student loan debt is outside bankruptcy protection...nothing gets fixed, lives are wasted & nobody will ever really get paid.
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What Happened to Just Quitting?

MarchDrummer Wrote: Jun 10, 2013 11:15 AM
I have to ask...what is the legal way to begin public discourse on potentially unconstitutional (definitely beyond initial-scope) tracking/storing/analyzing of data on innocent citizens when the entire operation is classified? How do we get to know about and debate such potential crimes if the entire existence of the criminal activity is classified? I don't accept the answer of "just trust them."
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The New American al-Qaeda Terrorist

MarchDrummer Wrote: Mar 04, 2013 11:19 AM
This hatred is due to an absence of truth being taught about the greatness of the constitutional system laid down by the founders, as well as a tacit disrespect for Judeo-Christian tenets in our educational system. As an example of how educational content can assist...I'd put money down that none of those college-educated terrorists were attending Hillsdale College. We have an educational system that actively teaches why people should hate our founding principles, and some are surprised at the result? Follow the Reagan principle of actively promoting and educating on the value of liberty, free markets, and the moral foundation on which this country is based, and you'll see far less of this in our own borders.
Nobody can be that bad...reminded me of the Saturday Night Live skits. I was waiting for him to break out and say, "You'll rue the day, Trebek."
Clone this guy, so we can keep him in the house and have him as Veep. Time to bring the "ideology war" to the forefront and identify the political/philosophical conflict in this country for what it is.
I didn't claim they'd succeed as overcoming Secret Service...I claimed there'd be an attempt.
...after all, we are talking about the same regime that is comfortably silencing dissent on deaths related to Fast and Furious.
I believe that the implied threat from the 'Bamster is a little darker than many think. Given the nature of this administration & the Chicago lineage involved, combined with current New Black Panther bounties on Zimmerman in Florida and Union action in Wisconsin, my mind turns to something more of an immediate threat. I can really see a "Pelican Brief" attempt made if the libs lose this one. I think this regime will just get tired of trying to play the public game and allow a union/mob-style "accident to happen" to particular opposing people in power.
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