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What if Iran Had Had Nukes?

Marc_H Wrote: Nov 26, 2012 11:56 AM
Paulus you are clearly a fool in 1776 / 1789, our enemies were weeks if not months away now they are minutes away times change rules change how to defend yourself changes or do you want us to use flintlocks? Iran is after nukes, only a liar or fool would say otherwise
Israel — as its friends and enemies never forget — is a “one-bomb country.” One nuclear weapon is all it would take to wipe out a nation whose territory is smaller than Djibouti, with a population not as large as that of Burundi — fewer than 8 million people, 20 percent of them Arabs who are enjoying rights denied to Arabs (not to mention non-Arab minorities) elsewhere in the Middle East.

Israel is surrounded by Muslim-majority states with 60 times its population and 650 times its territory. Most of those states refuse even to recognize Israel. Some go further....