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United Nations: Give Us Drones!

Marc_H Wrote: Nov 23, 2012 5:10 PM
lois go read up on how all the previous dictaors came to power how socialism always fails but you do not care you cannot see he evil that you are promoting you are lost, with an empty soul

Well this is fun: the U.N. looks like it's attempting its own military build up, now expressing interest in procuring drones from member countries. Ostensibly for purposes of monitoring the situation in the DRC, the drones would nevertheless represent a new frontier in terms of the international body's available powers. The Weekly Standard reports:

"The United Nations wants to use drones for the first time to monitor fighting in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, where Rwanda has been accused of aiding rebels," says the report, quoting U.N. officials.

The international body "is considering a range...