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Republicans Clueless About Minorities

Marc_H Wrote: Mar 11, 2013 12:27 PM
Jack: why would i have pride in something i had no control over? why do i care why my ancestors came from? i read WORLD HISTORY, i care about the WORLD, ITS history, America's history and plce in the world. it is false pride, so if you want to have false pride, be my guest, just like being for a sports team for the simple reason you live in that city, it has zero meaning (beyond what you give it) you can do whatver you sant skippy Jack i am an American, first, last, i nthe middle nothign else matters to me and Jack, you cna be from ANYWHERE in the World and be an American in your heart, lovign Freedom is the key fighting for Freedom is the key
Jack2894 Wrote: Mar 11, 2013 12:34 PM
If you read WORLD history, which is a bit unlikely, you would note that people can align themselves in numerous ways, emotionally, intellectually, politically, philosophically, etc. I don't see the American commitment to freedom as being much different from teh Irish struggle for freedom. ANd I don't see any reason why one should not acknolwedge one's forefathers just because they weren't American. And most of all, I see no reason why doing so prevents you from honoring America or one's status as an American.
Marc_H Wrote: Mar 11, 2013 12:32 PM
and Jack, if people want to be together in their ethnic groups, to help each other, fine.

it is what humans do.

i am speaking as to how we SHOULD STIVE TO BE, treating each other as Americans, as one People, equal to each other, willing to help each other, without goverment being involved.

Republicans are losing elections in part because they are losing key demographic groups. Some of those groups, like Hispanics, are growing, making them impossible to ignore. 37 percent of the country is nonwhite. Hispanics comprise 16 percent of the population, accounting for half the population growth within the past decade. 51 percent of children born in California are Hispanic, and 46 percent of the population in New Mexico is Hispanic.

Republicans have had difficulty making inroads with Hispanics due to their position on illegal immigration. The left and its other half, the liberal media, have convinced many Hispanics that tough...