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the Census has no business doing this in the first place their job is to count Americans ONLY
yes why is this pathetic clown still alive????
Boston Strong is a sick joke they elect a commei stooge mayor they allow the police to search their homes, for no reason the think a prayer vigil will stop these murderers simply pathetic the people of Boston are not strong, they are children looking for Uncle Sam to swoop in and protect them
you mean like Scoot Brown won??? sorry Hentry, that logic fails
yeah, but the innocent bystanders......
GW it is very simple you cannot "fix" 0bama-care it is a sin againt the Freedom of the United States an UNFORGIVABLE SIN tryign to fix it is just wrong AND EVIL just as evil as PASSING it
way to go goverment traitors....
problem is 0bama think his side wins as he has the guns of the goverment behind him and if we tried what he is doing, we'd be in jail, thanks to the traitors of the FBI, ATF, et-all
you mean like when Senator Cruz was attacked for trying to stop 0bama-care?
they were wable to get some new ink and paper mail-order for the printing presses lots of money now all of the "monopoly" type
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Tax Refund Siezure

Marc_H Wrote: Apr 15, 2014 9:40 AM
long past time these liars and triators learned the lesson King George learned....
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