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yes perhaps the punishment does not fit the crime but that still does not argue for making more drugs legal
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Kansas Senate Race is a National Election

Marc_H Wrote: Oct 20, 2014 9:06 AM
clearly W and Romney at least LIKE America.... and I'd trust my grand kids with either
Ebola-0bama's guiding principle does it hurt the United States, if yes we do it....
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Obama Behind Pumpkin Patch Melee

Marc_H Wrote: Oct 20, 2014 8:23 AM
Scott Brown is trailing for one simple reason there is little difference between him and the traitor shaheen
poor brian stuck on pot stupid stuck on pot selfishness
simple questions why do you feel the need to take the greatest computer on the planet and add drugs to it? why do you feel think harming your brain is a good thing? the idea that drugs expand your thinking is clearly bunk and an excuse for people to use drugs. you want to use them fine end the welfare state so I do not have to pay for your mistakes, you clearly stupid, selfish mistakes
not to worry, Ebola-0bama signed an exec order outlawing Ebola see, problem solved /s
can we go back and surrender to the Brits?
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