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then lois explain why 0bama said all was great in 2012
got me she said there were 2 sides not me
this is not a case where a mom simply said she still loves her son this is a mom trying to justify what he did
MacQ the difference here is that this mom chose to open her mouth in defense of her murdering son
he is a liar and traitor
growing up I remember the mom that was part of the Hell's Angels group that lived across the street, he kids never going to school, teeth rotting in their heads I remember the other welfare kids that were nothing more than future street gang members
hey Nos using this phrase "Cut her some slack.' is really, really tasteless under the circumstances
to the murderers mom I'm sorry I'm sorry you failed your son I'm sorry that he learned nothing from attacking the police office but hate I'm sorry that you cannot accept the simple fact that you raised a monster, not that you did so alone, the so-called leaders you have chosen (0bama, Jackson, shaprton) also failed you and him
poor liar herald stuck on commie stupid
Karock meaningless he was NEVER Constitutionally qualified as his dad is a Brit but no one that could stop him cared enough
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