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well... these fools helped elect a liar, traitor, someone that hates the nation they are depending upon for their future they helped elect someone that is destabilizing the world, leading it toward war bout time they got a clue
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The Common Core Conundrum

Marc_H Wrote: Apr 18, 2014 1:52 PM
common core is commie math.... if it feels good, it is all ok simply pathetic wonder how the Moon Landing would have gone with common core math
eny-fool please explain just what type of weapons were sold and while i wait... they were DEFENSIVE WEAPONS Air Defense Tank Defense at a time when SADDAM was bombing civilians pathetic lying pos that you are....
liberalsim is genetic!!!! ouch....
pleae look below he responded the a comment by Jason (that mentioed these issues) and said 'he was not surprized he did not listen to good advice" so it is a fair question
ok Romney would have been better than 0bama, right?
why not don't we need more Royals to add to the clintons? /s
so GW are you saying that illegal immigration reform gun control 0bamacare are things the GOP should embrace and support?
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