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??? so being unhappy with RINOs and the Republican leadership makes one an idiot?
end the welfare state first I do not want to pay for YOUR drugs or other bad choices
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Supply Side Contraceptives

Marc_H Wrote: 13 hours ago (8:48 AM)
if we have reached the point that people can't pay the low cost of birth control, then we are done as a nation just as liberals have wanted they clearly want to rule in Hell.... the Hell they have created
flagged as lois the failed human is simply a willing slave to the State
what do you expect from the soft police state of Conn.
well skippy we have all seen how clueless liberals are.... anyone that could vote for 0bama twice is capable of believing that dinosaurs are alive
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It's Not Over Yet

Marc_H Wrote: 13 hours ago (8:31 AM)
way to go Republicans handing the election to democrats..... pathetic
certainly there is little weight in her head to stop her
can't mention Jesus the (Satan's) messiah 0bama won't like it
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