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Colin Powell Uses Code Words to Describe Republican Party

Marc_H Wrote: Jan 14, 2013 9:25 AM
obama's dad is a Brit obama is not constitutionally qualified to be POTUS but no one cares
Tea Party in Wisconsin formerlyTea Party Wrote: Jan 14, 2013 10:32 AM
Tinsldr below disregards the meaning of NBC, the definition of it given to Senator Leahy and posted on his website, per the answer of then Sec. of DHS Michael Chertoff, (a former Federal Judge)

The Courts for whatever reason have either REFUSED to take the cases and/or dismissed them priot to Discovery and/or with specious excuses as in 'well he's been living in the White House" one
excuse to end the controversy at all but to enhance it. And Why has this Usurper, this traitor spent so much money to prevent any Court rulings. And NOBODY is going to convince me that Judges like
Judge Carter who agreed to hearing the case brought by Orly Taitz at a second hearing to sudden'ty
do a 180 and dismiss the case when he previously...
Tinsldr2 Wrote: Jan 14, 2013 10:58 AM
Multipl Courts have decided that Natural Born Citizen means born in the USA

From Wong Kim Ark to ANkenny V Indiana

From conservative GA to liberal CA and AZ in the middle the cases have been heard and laughed at.

Frank1802 Wrote: Jan 14, 2013 9:36 AM
Obama's father is NOT British, he is, or was, a citizen of a former British Colony. By no stretch of the imagination does that make either him or any of his progeny British. As to Obama's constitutional qualification to be President I cannot comment, but regardless of that the fact that he is now President is due to racist voting by the African American population, Progressive Liberals (who like Leftists the world over have no clue), welfare recipients who did not want the tap turned off (as witness the black woman in Cleveland who stated on TV she voted for Obama for a free 'phone and the black woman in Chicago who said she was going to get cash from Obama's stash) and the 47% who pay absolutely no Federal Income Tax.
Frank1802 Wrote: Jan 14, 2013 9:37 AM
This election was unquestionably bought and Obama and the Democrats are destroying America AND its economy. This will end badly!
rivenburg Wrote: Jan 14, 2013 5:48 PM
It wasnt former when obama was born, thus, obamas father WAS a British subject, its NOT up to you, its up to the British to say if their colonial desendents are British, they DO say so, and they ARE.
Tinsldr2 Wrote: Jan 14, 2013 9:29 AM
"portrayed birthers as an influentail sector of the Republican Party (they're not)."

The courts have consistently ruled correctly that born in the US means natural born Citizen. Read the court decisions and educate yourself.

There is NO basis in law that says otherwise.
Tinsldr2 Wrote: Jan 14, 2013 9:47 AM
To, birthers,

From Allen v. Obama

Most importantly, Arizona courts are bound by United States Supreme Court precedent inconstruing the United States Constitution, , and this precedent fully supports that President Obama is a natural born citizen under the Constitution and thus qualified to hold the office of President.See United States v. Wong Kim Ark, (addressing U. S. Const. amend. XIV); Ankeny v. Governor of the State of Indiana, (addressing the precise issue). Contrary to Plaintiff’s assertion, Minor v. Happersett, 88 U.S. 162 (1874), does not hold otherwise

Tea Party in Wisconsin formerlyTea Party Wrote: Jan 14, 2013 10:23 AM
Maybe so, however he admitted it his Fight The Smears 2008 campaign website and also earlier when he was going write a book by the domestic terrorist Ayers perhaps? Are you calling him a LIAR. However that's neither here nor there these days, there are other reasons to remove the jerk from office..His computer generated long form B C which indicates his Daddy was Kenyan born and citizen therof and the mention of his race as African when back in the '60's (anyone who came up during that time knows this to be fact) Blacks were nor called African as in race but as Negroes; his late registered Selective Service
as in 2007 rather than when he was 18, as you did; and the STOLEN I D, the Connecticutt Social...
Tea Party in Wisconsin formerlyTea Party Wrote: Jan 14, 2013 10:26 AM
What is the meaning of Natural Born Citizen? When they were 'vetting' McCain, Senator Leahy agreed with then Secretary Chertoff's who is also a former federal judge, answer when he asked him. Natural Born Citizen means someone born with BOTH Parents who are American Citizens and Barry HUSSIEN Soetoro agreed with that since he co sponsored the resolution AND voted for it. One of the few times he didn't vote present.

Yesterday former Secretary of State Colin Powell told illegal magazine toter and Meet the Press host David Gregory that the Republican Party is having an "identity crisis" and said there is a "dark vein of intolerance" inside the GOP. He accused leaders in the Party of using "code words" to put down minorities as if his own "dark vein" reference wasn't code for something. He predictably slammed Sarah Palin and portrayed birthers as an influentail sector of the Republican Party (they're not).

On the birther thing, I'd like to remind...