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Brooks: Showing Concern For “the Poor” Should be Conservatives’ Top Priority

Marc_H Wrote: Mar 04, 2013 5:21 PM
even Jesus did not use his power to create a socialst state nor did He take from others we have seen the result of taking from one group and giving it to others, generations of those no longer able to take care of themslves

So much time and money and digital ink has been spent in recent months trying to figure out “what went wrong” during the last election cycle. But perhaps the answer is simpler than we realize: Writing in the Wall Street Journal on Monday, AEI president Arthur C. Brooks argued that conservatives are failing to discuss an issue every voter in America cares deeply about -- namely, how to empower and improve the lives of poor people:

[T]here is only one statistic needed to explain the outcome of the 2012 presidential election. An April poll—which mirrored every other poll...