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Texas has the Ba--s and we use em too!
I hope Paul Ryan can get the REAL numbers abd stick them in Biddy`s eye everytime he lies about the cooked books ! Expecting a real barn burner tween these two and can`t wait to hear Biddy`s rubber room remarks lol!
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A Historic Debate Failure

Marc250 Wrote: Oct 06, 2012 3:54 PM
Righteous write up Hugh! I liked the way Mitt spoke the truth with Americans in mind while looking El Toro Loco lol, in the eye! Expect the same from Paul and I can`t wait to hear some of Biddy`s rubber room comments lol!
Thanks for the prayers Tammy! Hey lol ,you ever hear of Jack n the Beanstalk?
Thanks for the prayers Tammy! Hey lol ,you ever hear of Jack n the Beanstalk?
Thank you Nana, yes apparently they think cheating is the only way they will win. Won`t they be surprised when we pull a 2010 on em AGAIN, lol ! By the way, all you conservative voters, pls take somone(s) with you and have your camera and or cell phone ready for voter intimidation! See you ALL at the polls folks!
Yes, and I remember Holder the bum calling Americans cowards and has the gall to run to daddy ObumUS for help on Fast -Furious! What a weinie! As far as the Senate approving his appointment, it was controled by the Dums and still is,lol, hopefully not for long!
If Romney and Ryan have enough balls to win then WE should have enough balls to fight the so called redux your afraid of! No prob here bring it on fools!
Your looking up the wrong skirt, Dodd-Frank was 2000-2008 `s problem!
As a group, Black Church leaders and goers are way numerous. The majority are saying ,"stay home don`t vote for this pink lol, elephant, eerrrr donkey!
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