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An Overdue Book

Marc245 Wrote: Nov 28, 2012 4:42 PM
The perfect evidence of Democrat ignorance is the overwhelming support of Obama in the inner-city welfare-consuming regions, among people who, surveys show repeatedly, often cannot even recall the name of the sitting vice-president. You mean those educated, intelligent urban city dwellers? The folks who care more about their free Obamaphones than the country's health and vote as a massive bloc, doing as their local leaders tell them? The areas that voted 100% for Obama and coincidentally have the highest chronic welfare consumption? Working people i.e; including Southerners and non-welfare collectors) tend to vote Republican, because they must deal with the harsh realities of working and paying taxes, not collecting welfare benefits.
The bottom line on this: Obama is inserting like-minded people into organizations to further his own agenda. He is trying to change the rules. But if successful in changing the BSA rules to embrace openly gay leaders, they will effectively doom the BSA. Ever since the United Way chose to cut their support/funding of the Boy Scouts (I no longer contribute to the United Way), the major contributors/supporters are church-affliated organizations. Those organizations will stop funding, and the BSA will die. Funny--even from a non-religious perspective, the policy is only to prevent the sexualization of Scouts by predatory leaders. How many lawsuits have been avoided by preventing (some) leaders from being in close contact with these boys?
And Nixon resigned, rather than drag the country through a mess. Like or hate the guy, that took real guts and a love of country more than himself.
There's a huge granite memorial on the site of the Mountain Meadows massacre. It carries the names of the people who were killed. I know this because I've visited it; some of my wife's ancestors' names are inscribed there.
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