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They already have but not by choice...good luck putting together another Sports Hunting Show....karma, it sometimes sucks.
They did not need the jobs, revenue and taxes that this little show provided. They needed to stand on principle!
I don't think the NFL would come out on the issue but if they did.....who knows what might happen.
What idiots. Any lawyer would tell you the courts will find the terms all AK types or AR Types to be insufficiently vague. In spite of what those morons might think, AR does not stand for Assault Rifle any more than AK stands for All Kill.
You do not send a guy in an Apache attack helicopter into a combat zone and expect he won't kill some bad guys..... what kind of morons run the Today Show anyway?
I generally like O'Reilly but he is not right on the gun issue. The weapons affected in the current debate are not heavy weapons, most guns do not use clips but rather magazines, and finally, an ASSAULT WEAPON is any weapon being fired at me.
Maybe Obama and Holder will start a gun-walking program here in the United States?
the son will probably be charged for being a straw buyer
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NRA Slams Biden Meeting

Mapache15 Wrote: Jan 10, 2013 5:37 PM
HEY NRA! When is the rally on the Mall?
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