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What Viewers Wanted to Know the Most During the VP Debate

Manuel40 Wrote: Oct 13, 2012 9:28 AM
Martha and Joe Biden were like a wrestling tag team against Ryan. Before Paul Ryan could make his point Martha would change the subject and in the meantime Uncle Joe would try to do his best to annoy and try to irritate Paul Ryan hoping to make Ryan lose his temper. Such juvenile and immature antics from a guy as old and as senior as Joe Biden was, poor Biden was an insult to have on the same stage as Paul Ryan.
evie10 Wrote: Oct 13, 2012 11:37 AM
this begs the question - does Joe act like this with the leaders of other countries if he does not agree with them? really, does he treat BiBi this way? Joe was put on the dems ticket to add gravitas (not comedy).
Tea Party in Wisconsin formerlyTea Party Wrote: Oct 13, 2012 7:25 PM
Bibi, yes he takes his cues from the LOOTING USURPER in regards to all things Israeli; and as for other foreign leaders, it (s) Depends. Joe, the looters lackey will follow Barry's leading from behind and insult every leader except the Muslim terrorists.
Dbeaux2 Wrote: Oct 13, 2012 9:53 AM

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