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Let us not allow the Evil, Corrupt and Career Politicians exploit our Differences and use it to Divide us. Instead we should tell those corrupt Politicians that we are wise to their narratives and will get rid of them and learn to live and celebrate in Harmony inspite of our Differences.
"A little upset" My foot~!! You should have grabbed her by the throat right away. And shook her until she lost at least 200 tons of weight. Look at what the country has to suffer thru another four years. You know it's not easy looking at that guy Much less having to see his mug plastered all over the place.
The two Chambers of Congress are divided. While Boehner passes a resolution at the House Reid at the Senate blocks whatever resolution is passed by the House. So....whatever Obama is referring to as a bipartisan agreement will never surface, For "low information" folks Obama sounds credible. We need to vote for Conservative Republican Candidates during the Midterm Election. With both Chanbers of Congress in Republican control they can Impeach Obama and the rest of his corrupt admnistration. It won't be that easy. They will throw all the taxpayer "stimulus" money to back up their candidates.
When a leader sets the tone of not being accountable or taking any responsibility for any of his actions, casting the blame towards anything and everyone else, constant and incessant lying, it does not take the followers long to strike the same behavior.
In other words.......Obama's "Fundamental Transformation" is going along smoothly while his "Slobbering Press Media" continues to support his lies.
Would it make Obama feel any better if he knew that people disliked Reid, Pelos, Hilary, Lerner, Sibelius and many other "white" folks just as much.
Everytime any of these leftist liberals become fearful of becoming irrelevant they issue some atrocious comment so their lapdog media will pick it up and put it up.
1. What is the "Single Payer Plan". 2. How am I going to get impacted by this plan. 3. Refer to question no. 1.
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Maine Governor Targets Welfare Fraud

Manuel40 Wrote: Dec 18, 2013 11:02 PM
Governor Paul Le Page deserves recognition, emulation and certainly imitation from everyone who has anything to do with the hard warned taxpayer's money.
With apologies to Sponge Bob Square Pants......The Obamas are celebrities.
Obama's true colors are coming out..and I don't mean the melanin content of his epidermis. What Obama shows is nothing more than an insecure guy whose narcissistic personality traits are now working double time in an effort to maintain whatever semblance of control he can to avoid facing the reality of being nothing more than a nobody.
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