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In His Own Words

Manny41 Wrote: Jan 18, 2013 10:12 AM
It is indeed shameful that schoolchildren know little to nothing about King. His message does not comport with the agenda of the left or the "black leadership" the racial racketeers Sharpton and Jackson. His message is far too rooted in God to be permitted to expose to schoolchildren, lest they become tainted with morality, brotherhood and religious understandings. So, we close schools on King's birthday and avoid teaching what he was about instead of exposing schoolchildren to what he stood for and how he used the Gospel to advance equality.

Every year he grows more ceremonial, distant, symbolic, less alive. It is the fate of heroes. Their pictures are relegated to banners, their words become clichés, their very names become streets and boulevards instead of a living presence. Icons. Washington, Lincoln, Lee, Martin Luther King. . . . Our familiarity with them may not breed contempt exactly, but a kind of boredom, and indifference. Haven't we heard it all before?

Maybe, but have we listened before? How long has it been since we've really heard his words and felt their force? And their continuing, insistent relevance. Instead our heroes become fit...