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So, after this period of time the missing e-mails that were only on Lois Lerner's hard drive, that was destroyed three years ago, may have been located? Did someone glue together the shredded pieces of her hard drive? I am certain that whatever will be produced has not been edited and sanitized of any and all incriminating material.
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Bordering on Madness

Manny41 Wrote: Jul 22, 2014 10:31 AM
The race card only has power if we give it power.
The long standing position of Republicans in refusing to speak the truth about racial racketeering has allowed the racketeers (Sharpton/Jackson?Obama/Holder) to transform lies into unquestioned truth. Goebbels big lie theory.
Their candidates will be Dems. This is simply a ploy to get single women out to vote in November. Single women traditionally do not turn out in numbers for mid-term elections. The Dems know that without single women and their contraceptives, they will not prevail. Vote with their uterus - can one get any more sexist?
So, DOJ, recipients of Lerner's illegal tax leaks is investigating the matter? Makes absolute sense to me!
It is a blessing indeed that as determined as Boehner is to stop a Republican victory in November, the likes of DWS can out stupid him.
We and they could not lose, except to the Dems who would reap the benefit of split Republican votes. Losing the senate this time will ensconce Obama policies in the federal judiciary for your lifetime. I don't need your form of purist BS to enhance Obama's destruction of America. Wake up!
Send the illegals to his house and let him play host - after all he is connected.
With U - 6 unemployment at 12.1% and 260,000 college grads working at minimum wage jobs, exactly what is the need for immigration into the US?
This is simply an orchestrated continuance of the phony "War on Women" fabricated issue to provide the Democrats with something to lure single, less than politically involved women to the polls in November and to take the Obama scandals and the destruction of the American economy from the news. Uteruses and racism are the only issues facing America today - everything else is wonderful. There is peace in the middle east thanks to Obama/Clinton/Kerry. We have full employment thanks to Obama and Obamacare. We have a thriving economy, the envy of the world, thanks to Obama, Obama's dictatorial policies, and Obamacare.
White male. Roman collar. Duh! haven't any of you seen photos of terrorists? Fr. Petri is a textbook terrorist. Christian. Pro Life. What more does one need to see a terrorist?
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