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Boehner has a sizable majority in the House. he has no leadership capacity to fill the responsibilities as speaker. Pelosi shoved Obamacare down our throats without a single Republican vote. Boehner does not need Democrats on any bill. That fool McConnell likewise has ovaries. All Ried has to do is threaten filibuster and Mcconnell wets his pants. Force a floor filibuster on each issue that Ried wants to use holding America hostage. Force them to show America who they are, but McConnell lacks the balls and he capitulates. Don't blame Democrats - they are in the minority. Re[publicans should have the capacity to rule the roost but they have no leadership and no will to represent the people; the very people that they promised they would represent as conservatives. They lied and we get to see who they are - a feckless bunch of socialist Democrats posing as conservatives at election time only.
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Friday Filibuster: Preparing to Punt

Manny41 Wrote: Feb 27, 2015 3:28 PM
The Senate did not filibusterer. McConnell does not have the balls to require Democrats to floor filibusterer until capitulation. They threatened and he cowered. He passed Ried's bill and Boehner passed Ried light which will be compromised to Ried's bill. Ried is still in control of the Senate. Thanks for electing McConnell majority leader - leader of what, the one party Senate?
Not to worry - Eric Holder will be on the case.
Joe Biden = impeachment insurance.
Scott Walker is really a concern for liberals isn't he? You threw everything including the kitchen sink and millions of dollars of thug union money and imported strong arm activists against him more than once and he crushed the vermin.
Scott Walker scares the beejebers out of the left. They have already thrown everything they have at him and been crushed each time. The assaults that continue to make against him will inure to his benefit as he adeptly puts them in their place and lets them reveal themselves as hateful apparatchiks of the Democrat party.
This claptrap works because republicans refuse to disseminate the truth. They remain silent and allow the lies to morph into "truth" that becomes irrefutable. The left has succeeded with the lies on: slavery/racism; immigration; Obama's urination upon the Constitution; ... Why stop when no one is asking you to stop. Just keep on lying and it all becomes "truth."
What a joke. The administration has made a farce out of congressional oversight. Cut off all funding for IRS until they comply. Force IRS to furlough all employees and shut down. Who is going to raise a stink about that? Either show some balls or go home.
Scott Walker really scares the left. Harking to that great liberal icon, Franklin Roosevelt who stated: "I ask you to judge me by the enemies I have made." I would say that Scott Walker may be judged as the man the left should fear.
Force an override vote. Compel Democrats to vote against the will of America.
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McConnell's Gambit Solves Nothing

Manny41 Wrote: Feb 24, 2015 2:20 PM
Table the stupid bill and move on with more important issues. Let DHS close down - what good are they doing anyway? Our border does not exist. Let the bill die in committee and if and when Ried is willing to address funding this pork laden department, put it on the bottom of the agenda list and let it work its way to the top in orderly fashion. Stop empowering these bastards. If they want to play brinkmanship then the department is not all that important in the first place. Move on and let them caterwaul about what the Republicans are doing - then take to the airwaves and tell America in no uncertain terms that Obama and Reid are shoving down America's throat legislation that America does not want. grow some balls!
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