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Murdering children is not health care. Subjecting women to post abortion trauma that induces clinical depression, substance abuse, breast cancer, and suicide may be a liberals definition of health case - I call it a war on women.
Assistant Professor Fernandez, 20th century U.S. History, history of social movements, political economy of American cities, African-American history. How she obtained a degree in history with her twisted understanding of MLK is beyond me.
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Same-Sex Marriage vs. Motherhood

Manny41 Wrote: 13 hours ago (10:17 AM)
"Notably, advocates of same-sex marriage do not argue that babies have a either a right or a need for a father or a mother." The baby does not have the right to life, so why would it have the right to a mother and father?
They don't need the Senate to de-fund - Boehner has the constitutional authority to do it.
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A GOP Ultimatum to Vlad

Manny41 Wrote: Jul 29, 2014 11:41 AM
I would not get into a lather over Corker's proposal. Under Obama, the US has surrendered the role of world superpower that stands for some respectable level of stability globally. Putin will do whatever the Russian people will support him in doing. With an 80% approval rating, it would appear that he has a free hand to do whatever he can convince the Russian people is in their best interest. Corker is rallying the conservative and neo-conservative base, pure and simple. A ceremonial war dance to make it look as though the GOP is actually doing something. Won't even merit a footnote in history.
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Menstrual Activism

Manny41 Wrote: Jul 28, 2014 9:52 AM
I guess I should be pleased and anxious to sign that Parent Plus loan for my kid so I can go in debt for $50K so she can tell the world that she menstruates. I may be wrong, but I was told that women in remote areas of the world where there are no forms of formal education actually menstruate and the men in the villages actually know that they are menstruating without a Prof. Fahs to stick it in their faces.
Take nothing for granted with the Supreme Court. Remember, in Kelo v City of New London, they essentially said that this Madison guy was not all that facile with the English language and re-wrote the clear and concise language of the Fifth Amendment. All that we need is for Kennedy to favor his liberal side and who knows what will result.
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Sticks, Stones, And Thought Crimes

Manny41 Wrote: Jul 27, 2014 11:40 AM
I do not recall, exactly how many NFL championships did Lupica coach? On which teams did he play? Self appointed moral superioists demand that we see the world only as they dictate. There is far more to a team sport, or any team effort for that matter. than the likes of Lupica have the capacity or the interest to understand. Lupica looks at what Dungy said, drawing from his long term experience as a player and very successful coach, and sees religious bigotry. It the likes of Lupica that are a danger to society, not the true expressions of veteran NFL coach.
Years of the Democrat unanswered lies about Republican racism has transformed into truth. Black America today is convinced the it was Republicans who opposed the Civil Rights Act of 1964; they are convinced that it was Republicans who were responsible for Jim Crow apartheid in the south. Few to none know of Johnson's statement about the Civil Rights Act. Silence has empowered the evil.
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Is Putin Worse Than Stalin?

Manny41 Wrote: Jul 25, 2014 2:16 PM
Putin is simply reacting to the power vacuum Obama has created in the world balance of power. He will consolidate his control over Ukraine and seek to expand his sphere of influence over eastern Europe, until such time as some one or something stops him. But what Putin is doing differs little from what Iran and the Iraqi/Turkish terrorists are doing, or what China is doing. Obama telegraphed to the world that the US has little interest in what happens outside of our borders, save injecting instability into regions that were being stabilized by right wing dictators (right wing anything = bad, so deposing right wing dictators for the sake of terrorists acceding to power is OK)
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