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Ben Carson is a white supremacist - no wait ......
I assume there was a point to this piece? Does anyone really believe that the House will take any action against Obama? They are far too busy warring against constitutionalists within the Republican party, those crazed right wingnuts that actually believe what is written in the Constitution and expect the government to act within the limitations set forth in the document? Remember, Obama finds the Constitution flawed because it "says what the federal government can’t do to you, but doesn’t say what the federal government or state government must do on your behalf."
For beginners, Christmas trees have absolutely nothing to do with the birth of Jesus Christ. I pose that those who are at war with Christmas compel the schools to be open on Christmas, so long as Christmas falls on a weekday. Compel the teachers, administrators and students to attend class - then see how "tolerant" these liberal a-holes are.
Certainly makes their position one that almost anyone can sympathize with doesn't it?
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The Real Reason Women Don't Report Rapes

Manny41 Wrote: 21 hours ago (8:46 AM)
I do not know Bill Cosby or much about him beyond his celebrity personna. I do however believe that he is entitled to a presumption of innocence until proven guilty. Trying a case in the media is a cheap shot way of taking action. I am far too familiar with the abuses women experience at the hands of predator men. I also understand why victims of violence remain silent - fear. The notion that fear kept Cosby's accuser silent for decades does not seem to ring right. Why not let the facts lead to wherever they may without pillorying Cosby. There will be adequate time to destroy him if evidence leads in that direction. At the moment, I wonder that his outspoken positions concerning the lack of black self sufficiency may have something to do with the sudden attack?
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Schumer: "Democrats Must Embrace Government"

Manny41 Wrote: 21 hours ago (8:26 AM)
Schumer is slated to succeed Ried. I am hopeful that he will lead the Democrats along his delusional path.
In liberland, Washington served before Jefferson separated church and state, so Washington's address does not count.
Obamacare added millions of un-insurable risks, does not permit rejecting high risk insureds, and does not permit underwriters to rate higher risk insureds differently from low risk insureds, and the premiums for everyone went up? Who possibly could have foreseen that?
Sharpton and Holder are never held accountable - see Tawana Brawley and the massacre of 8 at Freddie's Market in Harlem.
What must be factored into this mix is the millions of illegals who will get Obama driver's licenses and with them motor voter registrations and photo IDs. Millions more illegal voters for the RNC to vote for the stupid people.
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