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I learned respect for women from my father, you know, the guy who is not a part of the current American 'family"? Boys are raised in single parent homes and brought up on vile popular mysigonestic "music" that debases women. Why is anyone puzzled that men abuse women? They are fed a steady diet of abusive pop culture in homes where there is no stable male role model. Hey liberals, stop being thought police about throwing like a girl a/k/a throwing like Obama, and focus on the damage that you have done the the American family.
I will represent Chloe pro bono. Her First Amendment rights have been trampled.
I will represent Chloe pro bono. Her First Amendment rights have been trampled.
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Multiculturalism Is a Failure

Manny41 Wrote: Sep 17, 2014 11:04 AM
My grandparents emigrated legally to the US from Italy back in the 1920s. My grandfathers refused to learn English, and they paid a heavy price - a lifetime of underemployment as laborers instead of their Italian trained professions. They taught my parents Italian heritage, customs and traditions, which I in turn was taught by my parents. I pass them along to my children. It is not the role of government or the schools to teach my children about their heritage. My family is first and foremost American. We are not hyphenated Americans, we are Americans of Italian descent who carry on family traditions as we see fit. Multiculturalism is liberal code for the undermining of America. We live American culture in America. In our home, at holiday times, we carry on family traditions that have nothing to do with our neighbors, unless we invite them to share in with us. Not in the history of the world has there been a nation that is the equivalent of America. Over the course of time, we have acculturated many aspects of foreign traditions and language into America, but we remain American - multiculturalism seeks to destroy American culture in the same fashion that the left has destroyed the American family.
The shift in this article from why women stay with abusive men, which was so out of sync with why women stay, then took another diversion into this concept that the association in which the abuser's employer is a member, bears responsibility for the abuser. Abused women stay with the abuser out of FEAR, not because it is better to be with an abusive man than without a man. The abuser psychologically abuses the woman, isolating her from any form of outside support network, then undermines her self worth. Once the physical abuse begins, she believes that there is no safe way out, and attempting top escape will result in more physical abuse. The NFL did n ot hit this woman. Roger Goodel did not hit this woman. Should a union leader be accountable if a union member strikes his spouse? Should the head of the AMA be accountable if a male physician strikes his spouse? Rice did not work for Goodel, he worked for the Ravens. The compulsion to take down someone powerful is diverting the responsibility away from the abuser. Ray Rice hit her. Ray Rice is the culpable party, not his employer, not the league, not the man in the moon. Stop trying to find someone who is powerful to blame for what this thug did to this woman.
The broad based dissemination of military hardware in communities across the country is troubling to me. I understand the stated premis for the weaponry distribution, but I do not believe anything that this administration tells us, for proven reasons. Dispersing federal authorities to the fruited plain is an easy task. Doing so with heavy military hardware is not quite as easy. Having the equipment already dispersed ready for the federal storm troopers to use against us should be something that can be seen and understood by anyone. Given the immense power Obama has arrogated to himself with his executive orders, martial law is simply implemented and now can be enforced in a manner never before possible.
i am confident that Holder has completely investigated this matter.
Wake up America. This is our future under the left.
This was second in line of succession to the president! Sleep well.
Having taught in college for 8 years, there are far too many in school who do not belong there. The lack of reading and writing skills is astounding. I gave up using essay exams because I could not comprehend what they were answering - made absolutely no sense. The writing was in street lingo that I do not follow - I taught Business Law and Real Estate Law, two courses that really do not lend themselves to street lingo. Administrators want the enrollment for the $$, particularly when grant money and Parent Plus loans are involved. Quality education is down the list of concerns, subordinated to profits.
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