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Obama views EVERYTHING politically. Acting on the ISIS intelligence was deemed not in his political interest, so it was cast aside. The man child lacks the ability to see the world view - he is far too busy looking at himself in the mirror. NOTHING is acted upon by Obama without concern for the political advantage that he may personally achieve from the action.
Abortion as birth control does not "empower" women. It simply objectifies them as sex objects to be used by men who want only sex without commitment of responsibility.
I did not think it would be possible for anyone to be a bigger **shole than Jay Carnie, but this clown surpasses expectations.
Having been in the intelligence community, the daily briefing is a very comprehensive detail packed episode delivered by a very skilled and informed briefing officer. For those briefings that Obama deigns to have, he reads them - too embarrassed to have a briefing officer explain what is going on in the world because he has no clue. This man child is not smart enough to understand what is in the briefing book without a briefing officer available to explain and answer questions. I wonder if the briefing officer who delivers the briefing book every day also provides crayons.
Arming "good" terrorists to overthrow the evil right wing dictator Assad may have had something to do with the advent of ISIS. They did not get the Obama memo on how they were supposed to simply overthrow Assad and then set up a European socialist state in Syria. His so called coalition consists of Iran, who we are sanctioning; Russia, who we are sanctioning; Hezbolla; and the "good" terrorists in Syria who believe that US bombing in Syria is directed at them in support of Assad. What could go wrong? He is relying on Iraqi troops and the "good" Syrian terrorists to be boots on the ground to fight ISIS - I am not sure if he wants to defeat them, diminish them or have tea with them. When you lead from behind, you get a clear view of someone's **s, and the leadership is what we see in Obama.
ABC "news" did not even report a beheading, only a killing.
My friend, you FEAR her. She is the face of those your savior has charmed and used, like one night stands. Obama may finally feel the effect of scorned single women, who were promised everything and just got a condom.
MSM reported a workplace incident in which a fired disgruntled worker killed a former co-worker. No mention of Islam or beheading. Must be Bush's fault that the woman died.
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A Basket of Snakes

Manny41 Wrote: Sep 26, 2014 2:25 PM
So, we rely upon Assad, who we tried to depose, Iran, with whom we have no diplomatic relations and are invoking sanctions, Hezbollah, and Putin to "Roll Back ISIL" and to "Degrade and Destroy" the "Network of Death" whatever that means. Sounds like a plan that would make Dwight Eisenhauer jealous. What could go wrong?
God sent people who would have cured cancer, but you aborted them.
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