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Kerry at Yale: First Year Courses: 61 in Geology (grade of D) 63 and 68 in History (grades of D) 69 in Political Science (grade of D) He never received an A in any college course. A brilliant scholar.
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The Squabble Over Bibi's Speech

Manny41 Wrote: Mar 01, 2015 2:07 PM
I guess when Obama made the Prime Minister sit and wait for an hour and one-half, that enhanced the fabric of the relationship?
Produce the disclosure right after IRS and DOJ disclose their documents.
If indeed there remains a Republican party (i do not so believe - there are 2 socialist Democrat parties with different names), all that needs be done to regain the core of the country is to follow the lead provided to us by Ronald Reagan.
Thank goodness Homeland Security is funded.
Scott Walker needs to remember what MSM did to Herman Cain. Dan Rather set the standard for MSM - make it up and stand by the lies until conclusively proven to be lies, but many months after the damage is done.
Religious liberty is rapidly being circumscribed in an ever decreasing radius circle. We are approaching the point at which prayer will be confined to the 4 walls of a worship site, except for Houston, where it is not even permitted there. Christianity will be driven underground and believers will eventually be persecuted. Take a close look at the Bill of Rights and ask yourself what remains of the liberties Madison did not believe were necessary to incorporate into the Constitution, because as he wrote the document, it substantially limited the authority of the central government. If the constitution did not expressly give the central government authority, then they simply did not have it. In correspondence with Jefferson, Madison could not understand the call for a Bill of Rights - the Constitution clearly and unequivocally did not empower the central government to do to us what the Obama administration is doing to us.
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It’s Time to Scrap Black History Month

Manny41 Wrote: Feb 28, 2015 10:37 AM
For 50 years, progressives have lied about the racist role the democrat party played in American history and told generations of youngsters that it was Republicans who are racists and always have been. Republicans have spent the past 50 years in silence allowing the racial racketeers to mis-define them and shift the blight of bigotry from the Democrats to republicans. The lies have morphed into truth and can not be challenged. Try explaining the true history of civil rights to Black Americans - they will call you a liar and continue to support Democrats.
Only the far left believes that Iran is abiding by "agreements." America and the remainder of the world understand that Iran is making jerks out of us and is moving at full pace with its nuclear weapons program. Israel will do to Iran what it did in Iraq in 1981, and Obama will go to the UN to lead the pack calling for sanctions against Israel.
Boehner has a sizable majority in the House. he has no leadership capacity to fill the responsibilities as speaker. Pelosi shoved Obamacare down our throats without a single Republican vote. Boehner does not need Democrats on any bill. That fool McConnell likewise has ovaries. All Ried has to do is threaten filibuster and Mcconnell wets his pants. Force a floor filibuster on each issue that Ried wants to use holding America hostage. Force them to show America who they are, but McConnell lacks the balls and he capitulates. Don't blame Democrats - they are in the minority. Re[publicans should have the capacity to rule the roost but they have no leadership and no will to represent the people; the very people that they promised they would represent as conservatives. They lied and we get to see who they are - a feckless bunch of socialist Democrats posing as conservatives at election time only.
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