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The Pro-Life Movement Must Disavow Akin Comment

ManimalCrackers Wrote: Aug 21, 2012 2:40 AM
Well stated. On a related note, I advocate for the complete abolition of human abortion, but I would let the pro-abortionists kill their thousands of so-called rape-babies in exchange for the lives of the millions of babies killed for convenience and profit. I'd make that deal in a heartbeat. And in the next heartbeat, I would continue the battle to end whatever abortions we had left. Abolish Human Abortion dot com.
Rep. Todd Akin has, unwittingly to be sure, harmed the pro-life movement, his senatorial race in Missouri, the Republican Party, and therefore quite possibly the nation.

Every person who speaks or writes for the public will make an occasional faux pas, and sooner or later, will write or say something inappropriate. The game of "gotcha" that the media play -- especially with regard to Republicans and conservatives -- is what makes so many politicians sound robotic when they speak.

But Congressman Akin said something that cries out for condemnation and retraction -- and necessitates an explanation.

On a Missouri TV program Sunday, he was...

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