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Dennis, when reading your article the about the Pope's impending encyclical I was at first angry that you seemed to be saying that the Catholic religion was not Christian. It was not until my husband explained that the 'religion' you were referencing was climate change and not the Catholic religion. Being a devout Catholic, I was incensed at what I thought you were implying. I wish you would have been more clear in your dissertation. I don't disagree that the Pope is too leftist. He should be more concerned about showing how souls are saved than promoting socialist propaganda.
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Look Back in Liberty 2013

Manford Dohunker Wrote: Dec 18, 2013 10:32 AM
Off topic--John, why do you and Napolitano continue to argue with O'Reilly. As a wise old man once said; "Never argue with a fool, for if a stranger should walk up he won't know which is which".
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