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I just can't wait for the season to open.
Hey matt I do own it but I don't recall posting anything that is not true and is racist. My guess is you belong to the NAACP, you know the national association of always complaining people. Everytime someone dissagrees with you it beacuse they are racist.But how about if it's because they're tired of complaining people with their hands out saying give me free sh!t because you owe me.
I’ve been called a racist for calling Obozo a half breed by several of our favorite liberals but I ask “ If you are bred by one white and one black parent doesn’t that make you a half breed?” I never said either side was better or worse I only pointed out what the half breed himself has identified as his lineage
the only one trying to take anything away from you is the half breed in the White House. I on the other hand don't want anything from you. Oh and by the way I think you're a liar and a want to be success. Just saying!
I hope everyone can find forgivness in their heart for me for forgetting to add allietramps' name to the list of kool-aid drinking lying liberal morons. I promise it won't happen again.
Charson phuckbutt, I have read your posts and have concluded you, theefullofcrap and loass01, if not the same person, are all kool-aid drinking lying liberal morons. You claim to be a wealthy successful individual that personally knows many poor people. I ask you how do you know them ? Do you volunteer at a food bank or shelter? I do know some fairly successful people and other than doing volunteer work they do not associate with or know on a social level any poor people. Perhaps you would be willing to share your tax return and show everyone how much of your wealth you give to charity, if not please leave.
Charson phuckbutt, I must apologize for trying to put words in your mouth and make you sound intelligent. I know there is no room in your mouth seeing as it’s full of obozo’s junk! Sorry, feel free to continuing to post your ignorance we all need the laugh.
Charson phuckbutt wrote:"Whether it is owning a business or getting into grad school." That is the way you constructed a complete sentence and like obozo's statements means nothing. I think what you could have included as a way to finish your point was: Whether it is owning a business or getting into grad school...takes hard work and sacrifice and dogged determination to succeed. Not government intervention.
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Obama's Rhetoric

MandP 9 Wrote: Jul 19, 2012 11:24 AM
Blair31, I think you've got that backwards, obozo says "You keep hopping while I'll keep your change."
Not only should there be a work requirement for government assistance there should be regular mandatory drug and alcohol testing.
Earth to Steny how about we create JOBS (you know that three letter word joe Bidumb introduced us to) as a means of stimulating the economy!
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