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Hay M he has no idea about my pain. He has a job!
More like "we will carry O'god the Obama on the backs of the people"
Eastwood: they work for us--they are our employees. O'god the Obama--you are there for me and you work for the government.
Sorry flagged accidentally. Don't think Williams is a bad as Combs but sometimes i am astounded that he says the things he says and actually believes them!
Oh for crying out loud! This statement is so absurd I can't think of what else to say!
Oh for crying out loud!
Yes the O'god the Obama has confused me alright. He thought he was the one we were waiting for. That most certainly was a joke. God help us of O'god the Obama is reelected.
Comment for some reason was truncated. Should read: Maybe that is why so many Canadians come here fer major surgery etc
So many Canadians come here fer major surgery. Source: same place you got your figures!
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