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What reason is there to restore normal relations with Cuba? Is our lease up at Guantanamo or something?
If you stick to the truth and core values you will always be gaffe free. Otherwise, bovine excrement is the natural outcome.
So this so-called "expert" is saying those too lazy to care, are too lazy to vote, or get some sort of I.D. Duh.
I guess Bush Derangement Syndrome lasts a LOOOONG time for some folks.
Historical irony: US Pfizer considering England to avoid high taxes.
"Let us hope they never come back." I'm okay with them (US jihadis) coming back in boxes, a bunch of shoe boxes that is.
Haven't been to a Six Flags in years, but was thinking of going recently. They just lost this customer for life.
"The Border is Illegal!"? Really? Even a marginally intelligent person would question a statement like that. But I guess there's no reasoning with idiots/fools who jump on squad cars to protest LE doing their jobs.
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A Crisis of Confidence

Malachi Wrote: Aug 10, 2014 8:49 PM
I hope the the article's assumptions are correct, but Republicans have been known to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Even if they do regain power, the cycle will repeat itself because DC is so disconnected from reality that there's no hope for the situation to improve no matter the party affiliation.
Lord help us. These people should not be allowed to reproduce.
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