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Yes, evidence that said something was going to happen sometime, somewhere. Kinda hard to act on.
Why should we have to (continue to) support them in prison?
So, now we're to give up guns because some people use them to kill themselves? People use cars to kills themselves, and I don't see anybody moving to outlaw them. Besides, the whole "turn the other cheek" isn't an admonition to non-violence or to accept whatever anybody wants to do to you. It has to do with forcing your attacker to embarrass himself by using his "unclean" left hand to strike you, once he has already used his clean (relative term) right hand.
That's how you'll have to take it. Good luck.
Unfortunately, he's got the DHS. And while in open combat they'd get smoked by the US military, in an urban environment, they'll wreak a lot of havoc.
Just when I thought I couldn't feel any more contempt for the administration, you go post something like that and I reach new depths. Thanks.
He's just noting the places it won't be safe for him, should push come to shove.
Some of them have significantly less than others. THOSE are the places I'll make my stand.
I would love to see this pass. Unfortunately, though, I am under no illusions that it would long survive the courts, if it miraculously survived the legislature.
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