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Yes you do CompCon. We all know this clown is full of it.
Maybe in your dreams they are. In reality, you're full of it.
He doesn't have any hopes.
Yet news organizations, including Fox, keep touting this blubber butt as one of the "leading contenders" for the 2016 nomination. Yea, right.
When we want your advice we'll ask for it. Until then S.T.F.U!!
It means they used tactics that would get a business owner thrown in prison to force something on us that they knew we didn't want and wouldn't work. And that's in addition to knowing that if the Republicans had done something the same way, they and the media would be raising holy hell 24/7/365 to get it repealed/revoked.
Sheila, We have a TRAITOR in the White House and a TRAITOR as Sec. of State. So it should surprise no one that the treaty has gotten this far.
There are 53 Senators from both sides of the aisle that have already guaranteed Obama in writing they will NEVER voted to ratify the treaty. 67 votes are needed to ratify, and Obama can not do it be Executive Order. It WON'T happen.
No they won't. About 99% of the active military will leave in protest rather than don a UN Blue Helmet.
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Are We Sick of Him Yet?

Major Kid, USMC Wrote: Dec 05, 2013 3:05 AM
Long past sick of him.
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