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NO American service member EVER LOVES TO KILL! WE HATE that we have to do it at all. BUT, to protect our fellow American's on the field of battle we do kill, out of necessity, NOT because we "love to kill." But for as long as I've been reading and dealing with Taft in these threads I know that this is a concept he will probably never understand. Mostly because he doesn't want to.
An honorable decision and answer, Psydoc. If only more had been like you we might not have lost so many in Nam. Thank you for your service.
As a trained sniper myself I have to say that if an islamist were about to cut Michael Moore's head off, I'd pretend I didn't see it.
No thanks needed, it's MY HONOR to serve and protect OUR country.
My wife and I also saw it on opening day and were equally moved. All showings in three auditoriums sold out all day long. There wasn't a sound in the theater as we left.
Traitorbill, you do realize that that is MY post you're responding to and the line you quoted from it was the same line I quoted from Paolo, don't you?
Actually, they defeated us because the weak minded people of this country twice elected an America hating Marxist who is determined to "put us in our proper place in the world," by surrendering to every one of our enemies, to the White House.
Well thank you all for that information. I hadn't bothered to look into it in the past because the subject just never came up, or caught my interest. But unlike most liberals I am always interested in learning new things.
Yeppers, that's it exactly. All the other reasons are just bunk.
I've known that since I was old enough for my dad to teach me REAL American History to replace the PC GARBAGE I was fed in school.
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