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Sequestration and Voter Ignorance

Major5 Wrote: Mar 11, 2013 7:32 AM
"Remember in November," the votes of your Representative and vote for the one that obeys the Constitution!
"That Woman" is laying footing for her reelection and will say anything to get reelected! As she knows, Obamacare has already effected the Military Health Care by razing individual military member health care costs with increase co-pays, and reduced care for military retirees and their families, and increased out-of-pocket costs! "That woman" should have the same health care that we in the military pay for!
Looking at the bright side, this is the same LG Chem that makes the Batteries that Boeing uses in the 787 Dream liner, which are on current recall! Maybe LC Chem should make auto and truck tires for the government, of China!
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