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Two Down, Two to Go: Scott Brown Outshines Elizabeth Warren in MA Senate Debate

Maire Wrote: Oct 02, 2012 2:54 PM
There are three Warren signs and two Scott Browns (mine) on my street (@ 40 houses on my street. It's a pretty densely packed Boston neighborhood). I'm happy to hear outside 128 that there are Brown signs. I betcha the Peoples Republic of Cambridge and other tony suburban towns are loaded with Warren signs!

Tonight marked the second of four scheduled debates between incumbent Senator Scott Brown (R-MA) and his Democratic challenger Elizabeth Warren. The topics of discussion ranged from the personal to the substantive -- allowing both candidates ample opportunity to make their pitch to voters. So let’s dive right in. The following is my gut reaction to how each candidate performed:

Scott Brown is a gifted debater. He was poised, prepared and aggressive all night -- always ready with a quick riposte to any misleading or factually inaccurate charge leveled against him. And he was relentless. When Elizabeth Warren asserted that...