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Romney's Path to a Blowout

MainStreet Wrote: Jun 18, 2012 1:35 PM
It amazes me that whenever someone wants the government to defend its immigration laws, as do all other countries in the world, including Mexico, they are called racist. It amazes me that they are called racists whenever they criticize someone who wants to give amnesty to those breaking our laws and not willing to assimilate into our culture as required by out laws. It amazes me that people are called racists because they believe the illegals demand schooling, medical treatment, and other benefits far in excess of their contribution to our economy. Amnesty does not cure the problem, it makes the problem worse. All it does is make the governments illegal numbers drop until the next wave comes in.

Republicans will be wanting to 'recount Illinois,' I said to a seemingly annoyed former Kerry staffer and Obama supporter in the Fox News green room on Friday.

"How do you figure?" came the response.

I said, "It's pretty simple. If Obama doesn't change his message (amongst other things), this isn't even gonna be close."

I almost felt sorry for him, as he nodded his head in agreement, and walked away.

Personally--and for the record--let me say up front that I don't expect the election results of 2012 to wield a blow-out for the GOP. But presently the race, the state...