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Don't Worry About Cyprus, It Already Happened Here

MainStreet Wrote: Mar 19, 2013 12:35 PM
Since the US Dollar is the currency of choice for the rest of the world, we do not have to worry about the taxation of our bank accounts. The US government, in cahoots with the Federal Reserve, has disquised this process by their "quantitative easing" or printing of money, thus devaluing the dollar and our savings thru inflation. This is why the Democrats and Obama don't worry about deficit spending and the National debt. Their plan all along has been to tax us through inflation and the less educated will not know what hit them. The debt problem will be solved and anyone with any savings will have been robbed of their purchasing power.. Redistribution will be complete and we will all be equally poor.

I can just imagine Jay Leno taking to the streets in order to ask the average American citizen, “What do you think about Cyprus?”

More than likely, the answer would be, “I really prefer oak or maple for my flooring, I never really thought about cypress.” 

Jay would reply with, “No, the country Cyprus.  The IMF, EU, and ECB, the “troika,” just put a tax on bank accounts.  Well, no.  Actually, they just stole a portion and froze the rest of the money in spite of the increased guarantees.” 

The average American would then respond,...