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Read "Common Core" to be "Obama-Core"... more of Obama's attack on our country.
Having lived in Florissant, MO from 1965 to 2000 and just a 20 miles away in Illinois since then, I can fully attest to the accuracy and efficacy of your statements. Ever since the Globe went under the PD has only gotten worse. Under continual Democratic leadership since 1965 the population of St. Louis City has dwindled from between 800,000 to 1 million down to something below 400,000. And under the Democrat leadership since taking it over in St. Louis Cnty (of which the city is not a part) the county has entered into decline. Wherever there is continuous long term Democrat control the cities decline as should be especially noted with Detroit. It is simply a fact of socialistic gimme, gimme, gimme life they perpetuate.
Carney is a liar; and not a very good one... Just like Obama and others in his administration. Too bad they are not under oath in a court of law so we could put them in jail at least for perjury.
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Poll: Even Illinois is Sick of Obama

Mainman12 Wrote: Apr 26, 2014 12:05 PM
I'll only belief that Illinois is sick of Obama... if and only if... we replace Senator Durban this November with the Republican Jim Oberweis. As much as I want this to happen I'm not holding my breath. Now is the outcome of this coming election a valid expression of whether or not Illinois is sick of Obama? What think you?
You are correct. I'd like to ask candidates like Udall this question. When Jesus was first conceived in Mary's womb, was he not a person who instantaneously received his human nature? Or ask him if when he, Udall, was in his mother's womb and if she would have taken a medication that would have caused the lining of her womb to slough off and carry him out of her body with the thus dispatched lining if by that act would his mom not have aborted him?.... For that is what "the Pill" in fact does.
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Reid Has Become a McCarthy for our Time

Mainman12 Wrote: Apr 24, 2014 11:07 AM
This article headline is grossly unfair to Senator McCarthy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I cannot think of a single good point of PETA; they have no ability to think or reason!
I do believe PETA is evil; everything to which they subscribe plus their methodology is erroneous. I am 100% for P.E.T.A... people eating tasty animals; humans were created as meat eaters.
From Carville who is one of the proponents of his Party of Atheists.
Rush is right... Again... The Dems are always guilty of what they falsely accuse Republicans!!!
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