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He is a trained and very experienced prosecutor; that is why he was so very good in this hearing. Being a actor DA and repeating words of a second rate writer would be the comedown of all comedowns.
You are coming closer to the truth than others who have so far commented in that you understand that unity not diversity is what our Lord sought. For Jesus established One Church with One and the same Doctrine in all cities of Christian worship. Diversity in doctrines means no denomination agrees, none is unitified, to the others that disagree (are wrong in the truth) of God's Word. We had substantially One Church established by Christ UNTIL Martin Luther and John Calving and now there are 20,000 to 30,000 different Protestant chutes, none agreeing with another on all things. Plus we have the non-Christian groups like Mormans who do not accept Christ as being who he said he was and the Jehovah's Witnesses.
Balderdash... or if you prefer... bovine feces.
All sexual sins are NOT the same. Yes a man or woman may commit the sin of adultery or of fornication, but the coming together of one man and one woman in marriage is the good that God intends. Homosexual sin is NEVER something God intended! It is always in every circumstance wrong, evil, immoral; that it why homosexual acts ARE INTRINSICALLY EVIL. And that is why homosexual acts are more evil, are worse sins than any other sexual sins.
Mr. Gagnon is absolutely correct. Homosexual acts are indeed INTRINSICALLY evil. Intrinsically means always and everywhere. There is NEVER an acceptable use of the act of sodomy... period. And those who practice this evil and who through their mortal lives FAIL to repent and confess their evil to their creator... to God.... will find themselves eternally separated from him with their being in Hell.
Here is the response of the good Archbishop to Pelosi....
It is indeed as you say. Even the liberal FD Roosevelt was opposed to government employee unions.
Fire the damnable union. No public service union should even exist. They are an anathema to sound and good government.
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Gay Marriage To Continue In Oregon

Mainman12 Wrote: Jun 08, 2014 7:18 AM
Real marriage is established by God bringing about a covenant relationship between one man and one woman. If God is not involved in the creating of this union there is NO valid marriage... AND God NEVER participates in evil which He has declared sodomy (homosexual acts) to be; thus there never has been nor ever will be a valid licit "marriage" of two of the same sex... But there will certainly be hell to pay for those who contribute to this grave sin, especially the judges who foster it through their evil edicts from the bench and those in public office who contribute to this evil practice. It would be better for them to have a rock tied around their neck and to be thrown into the ocean than for them to have lived at all unless they repent and confess their part in this sin.
Where do they fit? On the dung heap. Or picture perhaps a large metropolitan waste dump, one that is ever burning.
Democrats (Leftist Socialists ALL) seem to fine no bottom to their pit of ignorance. And some commenters here seem to lack a full supply of intelligence as well. The Jews, by race were NOT "white" which is a shortened, inaccurate term for the Caucasian race. No, rather, Jew are of the Semitic Race as are some other peoples originally from the same geographical area. Then there is the so-called "black" race which is more technically accurately spoken of as the Negroid race. As by example of such as Sharpton and Toure I'll leave it to others as to which group displays by their words the most apparent evidence of racism.
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