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One more time... The only good union is a dead and buried union!!!!
Christie should be their to LEARN conservatism; until he becomes a conservative both socially and fiscally he'll never have my support.
After speaking out at the next class about the evil of homosexual acts without letting the "teacher" interrupt me, I would the next day drop the class as one cannot learn ethics from someone who has an immoral plumb-line to begin with.
I get it and like it!
Yes, strip them of citizenship; punish them with capital punishment, then deport there body. By the way, a Muslim who is committed to Islam is if he believes his false faith supposed to lie to promote Islam and thus no commitment of a Muslim in taking an oath of allegiance as a US citizen can be trusted. Thus none should ever be granted citizenship until they cease to be Muslim and cease attendance of all Muslim worship.
We need to get rid of all "public service" unions especially all the teachers' unions as well as the federal, state and any local service unions. Their principles are all anti-American principles of Socialists.
It is good that you are waking up but you should have fully realized this at least 40 years ago, at least ever since Lyndon Johnson was president.
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Why Did We Celebrate Labor Day?

Mainman12 Wrote: Sep 06, 2014 7:58 AM
The day I celebrate "Labor Day" will be the day when there is no longer any teacher's union. The next day I celebrate "Labor Day" will be when there are no public service unions. And the replacement for "Labor Day" will be "Right To Work Day" when every single private employee of a company is free to make his own choice to be or not to be a member of a union.
Any evangelical, any Christian who supports control of CO2 is greatly lacking in intelligence and greatly lacking in understanding of God's creation. And is thinking, if thinking at all, as does a fool.
How is this butchery by ISIS and more a butchery that the so-called "Doctor" who in surgery tears apart, piece by piece, the human baby growing in a mother's womb? I agree with BFDOFR. But we are not executing nearly enough strikes against us. The strikes should increase by 10 times and continue until there is not one ISIS terrorist left alive. And our strikes should continue into any land to which they might flee or that they presently are located such as Syria.
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