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Let me see... If the metal cans of food recommend to be taken to school for physical defensive purposes, does that not mean that these full cans are now weapons (albeit good weapons)? Are weapons now allowed? I have no problem with this or with taking tools to school. Why not ask the students to take small pipe wrenches? Would not these be far more effective. And while I'm at it as I was a elementary school student in the forties I every day carried a tool to school and used it daily for one thing or another. That tool was a pocket knife and I was never without it; we boys even played mumbledepeg in the school yard before school started for the day. This too should be proper even today and would be had we not sissified boys and removed proper punishment of the transgressors and not withheld their names but purposely made known the offenders that they would be properly shamed and made to know that THEY are responsible for their actions.
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Anti-Christian Activist: God Raped Mary

Mainman12 Wrote: Jan 05, 2015 4:21 PM
Indeed there are fools (of the simple kind) and damned fools. Valerie and Salon magazine clearly fall into the latter class.
Which is to say, Zinj, that you do not object to the murder of human babies. You are not what one would call a person who believes in God's commandment "Thou shalt not kill", are you? If you have a faith, it is not Judeo-Christian for you reject God's word.
May we be blessed before long to have every single abortion clinic closed and every hospital in the US forbid any abortion for any reason.
The "back alley" is total nonsense. Every abortion is a MURDER; PERIOD; for every unborn baby is from conception totally human from the very instant of conception. Abortion (murder) should be legally a felony just as the murder of any human being.
One more time... The only good union is a dead and buried union!!!!
Christie should be their to LEARN conservatism; until he becomes a conservative both socially and fiscally he'll never have my support.
After speaking out at the next class about the evil of homosexual acts without letting the "teacher" interrupt me, I would the next day drop the class as one cannot learn ethics from someone who has an immoral plumb-line to begin with.
I get it and like it!
Yes, strip them of citizenship; punish them with capital punishment, then deport there body. By the way, a Muslim who is committed to Islam is if he believes his false faith supposed to lie to promote Islam and thus no commitment of a Muslim in taking an oath of allegiance as a US citizen can be trusted. Thus none should ever be granted citizenship until they cease to be Muslim and cease attendance of all Muslim worship.
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