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I do believe PETA is evil; everything to which they subscribe plus their methodology is erroneous. I am 100% for P.E.T.A... people eating tasty animals; humans were created as meat eaters.
From Carville who is one of the proponents of his Party of Atheists.
Rush is right... Again... The Dems are always guilty of what they falsely accuse Republicans!!!
You thought is totally without merit. Popes meet with people including the President in order for there to be an opportunity to have a pastoral role toward each one of meeting their spiritual needs. Pope Francis is not concerned with the political but with the condition of one's soul and hence conscience that lead decisions either for good or evil. Our Pope's meeting with Obama or anyone is much like Christ knocking at the door. It is for the one of us on the other side to open the door, the heart of his, to Christ. The pope as should be so with us does not pre-judge how one will respond to the Word of God. And no, the Church absolutely there is no fee ever for receiving absolution. It seems you are one who chooses to believe what some non-Catholics say the Church teaches rather than that which she actually teaches and believes. Yours is a sad example of malice.
You, Pete, are NOT arguing for liberty. Rather you are arguing for "license"; license to choose to do that which is evil, immoral and in the case of abortion, this evil is truly the murder of a totally innocent fully human child. The teachings of Christ and His Church are TRUTH; and truth is never tyranny.
As I have said for years the term "Pro-Life Democrat" is a total oxymoron.
Marie, You are well spoken and well named. Blessings to you, always
No, not with religious rule but rather with the rule of the understanding of good and truth that comes from the Christian faith in the very same way that our country's forefathers stated that we should prefer Christians as our leaders. Can you imagine our country being ruled by the falsehoods and immorality of action we would have if we elected Muslims to office?.. or robbers?... or murderers?... but I repeat myself.
Annfan is right! And Pope Francis is the leader of the one Church that Jesus Christ established.
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