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When the War on Race and the War on Class are in a lull, and the War on the Aged is taking a nap, the left needs the War on Gender to keep things lively.
He takes his cues from Europe. That's always been the end game. In a generation, it won't be our sport anymore. I'm gonna start following paintball.
And you know this how?
Not if the gay mafia makes Goodell an offer he don't refuse. You must still think the NFL is transparent.
Boy were you ever played. He knew quite well what his Combine numbers would look like, and he knew that with his combination of speed, strength and athleticism that he was unlikely to be drafted. So, he proclaimed your aberration and forced Goodell to force a team (in this case the local Rams) to draft this guy in the 7th. He can't be cut now due to his affliction. Goodell will surely make it u p to the Rams with a compensatory draft pick down the road. Courage, no. Opportunity provided by our ever-so-PC culture, absolutely.
Have a little faith in Trey Gowdy. A serious man for a very frivolous nation.
At the rate she's going, Hills will look like she's 88 by 2016. She's definitely not aging well. Will not be a good look.
I wonder whether he called for removal of the OWS hooligans.
No coincidence, folks. Sterling got stung. The sting was revealed at a given time. Why then? Why not a week earlier or later? When dealing with corrupt politics, take nothing as coincidence. Especially if it benefits a corrupt politician in power such as Obama..
EH Norton - there for one reason only - to remind everyone why DC should NEVER become a state.
Anybody want to take odds on whether this racist will be forced to resign? Keep in mind he is black and Democrat. Some folks feel that since a black may be only 3 or 4 generations removed from slavery, then he cannot be racist. And remember, killing a woman while driving drunk wasn't enough. even cheating on a terminally ill wife wasn't enough to derail a Dem when the sycophantic lemmings of the media act as apologists.
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