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Smoke a pork butt right outside their windows. I've long believed that the pig is our best weapon against Islamists. They believe that a single drop of pig blood in their veins will deny them paradise. So why waterboard? Just lead a pig into a cell, draw its blood in plain sight, and advise the towel-head that he either starts talking or we start injecting.
And when my liberal relative tells me we must address climate change, I'll point at the sky and say "it's still there". Sharpton isn't too bright, is he?
That's akin to an Islamist telling a Rabbi how to interpret the Torah.
Folks, the fact that we have divided responsibility amongst several entities is the libocrites' Achilles Heel. As a college-level educator in a deep-blue county, I've got a good handle on the mindset of today's young libocrites. They put ALL their faith in the executive, to the point that they tend to ignore the legislative and judiciary. They act like reincarnated English Royalists in their blind support and devotion to the President. In their thinking, Congress is supposed to be the willing tool of a wise president. Instead, Congress obstructs all that the wise executive is trying to accomplish. That's why congressional approval ratings continue to decline. They will soon rediscover how toothless a lame-duck president can be rendered when both houses oppose him. And as for the Judiciary, that only concerns them once a year or so when SCOTUS issues a 5-4 ruling against an Obama policy.
When I tell the judge I had to rob the jewelry store since my boss refused to give me a raise, do you think he'll acquit me? It was NECESSARY!!!
But not much credit for common sense, though. After all, you don't have to try and escape if you never strolled into the enemies' arms in the first place. Obama gave Bergdahl permission to hate the USA, and Bergdahl, with the sage advice of his Talidaddy, let the hate fester.
Now all soldiers are sociopaths? I got no more use for this guy.
Please, go get brainwashed as I have by Maddow et. al? No thanks. In one corner we have 6 members of Pvt. Bergdahl's 30-man platoon giving their eyes-on, hands-on opinions. In the other corner we have a smarmy SD spokesperson dismissing the soldier's opinions. You've really earned the libocrite label on this one trolly.
Hardcover. Wouldn't make much sense complaining about non-exclusion on a hardcover best-seller list otherwise, now would it? Maybe you should confirm this before you start accusing others of paranoid rants.
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Hillary’s Jugger-Not?

Mahdrof Wrote: Jun 20, 2014 11:12 AM
Cerebral trauma will eventually render this discussion moot.
When Oklahoma (translated as Land of Red Man) changes its name, I'll stop calling the DC football team REDSKINS, REDSKINS, REDSKINS, REDSKINS (I hope I just gave some libocrite the vapors)
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