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Macadamia nuts maybe?
She is right. I know several missionaries and all of them had strong, emotional reasons for wanting to get the heck out of the USA. Not saying they didn't intend to do good, but that is far from their only motivation. Let's not make this doc out to be a hero, because when it's all boiled down, he wasn't brave enough to help the needy in his own country.
Been saying this for a while. Consider - Ebola is carried by pigs. Double whammy, not just infected, but infected by a pig virus. No paradise and 72 virgins for you. Just a painful, degrading death.
The proper analogous question that should have been immediately put to this libocrite is: What if HAMAS bombed Rockville, MD?. They are the ones whose insane hatred precipitated this.
Why do they do it? Out of blind hatred coupled with a healthy dose of stupidity. I could justify Hitler's invasion of Poland and France with the same logic you apply to Hamas. WWI left Germany starving, bankrupt and subject to "apartheid" from the Brits and French. A large chunk of their country was given away, and another chunk separated to give Poland a port. Should we not have done everything possible to destroy them anyway? They were also terrorists and enemies of humanity.
After what squatted in occupied land? When the first Zionists arrived in Palestine in the late 19th century, what was the population density of what is now called Gaza? To what purpose was the land being put? What industry was present? How many permanent Arab settlements were there in Palestine? Research the answers to these questions and get back to me.
You allege "apartheid" policies. Please explain what you mean. And with what evidence do you arrive at these allegations? It is, after all, the obligation of the accuser to prove the case, not the defendant's job to prove innocence.
According to Roger Simon over at Politico, the focus is killing children.
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Bordering on Madness

Mahdrof Wrote: Jul 22, 2014 10:10 AM
No solving the problem until folks stop conflating racism with culturism. In no way, shape or form am I racist. But I am very much a culturist, and am prepared to defend my position. We need to force the debate to be properly re-framed.
Smoke a pork butt right outside their windows. I've long believed that the pig is our best weapon against Islamists. They believe that a single drop of pig blood in their veins will deny them paradise. So why waterboard? Just lead a pig into a cell, draw its blood in plain sight, and advise the towel-head that he either starts talking or we start injecting.
And when my liberal relative tells me we must address climate change, I'll point at the sky and say "it's still there". Sharpton isn't too bright, is he?
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