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Maybe, someday, he too will be found in bed with a dead hooker. I guess he hasn't sufficiently ticked off the mob yet.
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The Talk Radio Party?

Mahdrof Wrote: Apr 10, 2014 8:54 PM
Face it. When you're contending against the Establishment and their sycophants in the media, you are at an automatic disadvantage. They will watch and dig until the smallest skeleton or faux pas is found and magnified in a way that they would never allow to happen to one of their own.
Those Baltimore folks do love their corrupt pols. Them and NYC, Chicago, Philly, etc. We need to realize that CITIES are the problem. Folks aren't meant to mass. It messes them up badly.
Baltimore and the DC suburbs. Equal parts ignorance and elitism, with an unhealthy dose of urban culture. Forever more screwed and a model for how not to govern.
I think that girl holding the sign is only guessing that sex is beautiful.
I teach at a U. Unless you teach a PoliSci or history class, you are forbidden to indoctrinate. I'm conservative and wanted nothing more than to warn my students of Obama's dangers in '08 and '12, but a single protest from a student and I'd be fired.
My secret (and I'm glad this is anonymous). I teach at a large state institution. I don't have a college degree. I decided 20 years ago to take a few classes and impressed the professors of a specific discipline. As I was older than the average student, and came from a successful career in a different industry, they assumed I already was a graduate. So when they offered me an Associate position, the HR folks never asked that info and I never volunteered. Been there for over a decade now, and have taught folks that have gone on to varying degrees of success and even fame. Is a degree important? Depends on the field, I suppose. In mine It is evidence of effort and perseverance, but not necessarily intelligence, skill or talent.
Got to play Phelps in the Laramie Project (horrible, horrible play). One of the most fun characters to portray, though. Yelling, ranting, spitting.
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Oil Spills and Propaganda Ploys

Mahdrof Wrote: Mar 21, 2014 7:30 AM
As an actor, I had the misfortune of being cast in Laramie Project about 10 years ago. Without a doubt the most boring, badly written show I've ever had the bad luck to be involved in. I did have fun playing Fred Phelps. Got to scream and rant at the audience and get all red-faced and spittle-spraying. I won't audition for this new piece of trash.
Dumb. In other words, the perfect mayor for NYC
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