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Why did we fight the revolutionary war? Answer: to gain our independence. What am I getting at, boys and girls? Think.
You don't get it. They don't want us there. They never wanted us there. So what do we do? We stupidly INCREASE our presence there. THAT is the problem.
Collective punishment. Yep. Now there's a good-old fashioned American ideal! Who are the bloodthirsty savages again?
Are we in the Middle East killing terrorists... or creating them? Think, folks. Focus like a laserbeam, as the good Israeli Michael Medved would say.
Face it. Moshe is unstoppable.
Moshe the Chosen Person... asking questions Clownhallers can't answer.
Why are the Taliban freedom fighters when fighting Soviet Occupation... ...but "terrorists" when fighting American occupation??
Why did Ronald Reagan call the Taliban freedom fighters? I guess he was a terrorist sympathizer, huh? Or maybe a closet muzzie?
There are only three intelligent posters here: --RyanM --Wmou --Moshe!
Mawkish rubbist. More self-righteous indignation from a Clownhaller.
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