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Unedited Video Further Proves Conservative Assaulted by Michigan Union Member

magnetar Wrote: Dec 20, 2012 4:37 PM
unions....illiterate, backward, low IQ, genetic throwback human trash. After the Chrysler union workers that were filmed drinking and smoking pot were reinstated I swore that I will never ever again purchase a car made by union employees and I'm a life long loyal chevy driver..No MORE, will make sure that I buy cars made in Alabama or Mississippi or any other place that is non union

Last week conservative activist and comedian Steven Crowder was punched repeatedly in the face by a Michigan union member and threatened with murder in Lansing during violent protests against right-to-work legislation, which was signed into law by Governor Rich Snyder. Since the incident happened, leftist media outlets have accused Crowder of selectively editing video to make the fight look like the fault of a violent union mob rather than himself, who they say started it. They also said Crowder deserved the attacks while failing to condemn the union destruction of an Americans for Prosperity tent, which was torn...