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Gun Crime Soars in England Where Guns Are Banned

magnetar Wrote: Dec 11, 2012 1:43 PM
hmmm, maybe the people are different? after all those that came here were either the biggest risk takers in the original village or the slowest in the village that were cought. we are a brave violent nation that protects the entire crappy world from tyrrany as much as we can. you liberals just want to add to it, the tyrrany that is.

Since NBC sportscaster Bob Costas gave us an anti-gun lecture two weeks ago during Sunday Night Football, we've heard a lot from progressives like Juan Williams, Bob Beckel and anti-gun advocacy groups about how countries in Europe with strict gun control laws don't have problems with gun crime. We've also heard the reason the United States has a "gun crime problem" is because we allow citizens to own handguns however, the numbers on violent crime committed using a gun tell a different story.

New data out from the UK, where guns are banned, shows gun crime has soared by...