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why can't piglosi be a good democrat and just drop dead? a vilecunt like her just hangs around for ever... is true
the thing is...only 25% or so of the AARP members approved of the endorsement..the rest got taken for a ride
you summed it up well, the libs can't really argue with that, when I lived in Raleigh NC in the 90s.50%+ of all DUI accidents were committed by illegal mexicans..and back then the accounted for 2% of NC population..
no we don't, they all vote democrat and hate the white man..
agreed, first thing I did when I got here was that I went to a K-mart and got a huge american flag that I flew from my ghetto apartment window( yes, lived in a ghetto for 2 yrs, until we could afford better)
some of the unskilled become skilled and contribute, I have gotten PHD in Pharmacology from Virginia Medical College and now run a medicinal research testing firm in Central NJ I employ 42 is easy to make people productive, stop feeding them. Let only christians in that have the same core cultural values
right on James! I'm one of those european immigrants but were were poorer then poor..$600 and four suitcases between a family of four..never took assistance from the state but the catholic church and good people of this country did help with second hand clothing, used furniture and even an old jalopy of a car...and we were very grateful of being welcomed here (by most0
when I was sworn in and became a naturalized citizen, at the courthouse, right before the ceremony, I was asked how come I had 4 unpaid parking tickets? I had to explain that i had just gotten them at the university and assured them that they would be paid..not sure what the hell is going on for the"only let doctors in or engineers or scientists", I'm sure than Anns immigrant forefathers were educated people not loggers, glass blowers or farmers.. I normally agree with coulter but here she is lumping the poor and unskilled with those who become skilled and contribute to the society..poor show
I'll state this again so all the commies on this site can understand what this is about. THESE SCOPES ARE NOT STANDARD ISSUE! The M4 comes with fixed iron sights only! THE SOLDIERS HAVE TO BUY THOSE SCOPES THEMSELVES! They cost between $800 and $2000! they are the private property of the soldier not the US ARMY!!!!! so why do they tell the soldiers to deface their own property? because they don't want to offend the Afghani people....booo hoooo
hey commie, the soldiers pay for those scopes themselves, they are not standard issue, fixed sights only. so if one does not like one with verses on it they should not buy that one.
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