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This "Blood Dance" seems to stem from the Canadian Concordia "Massacre" back in the eighties. The Quebec authorities and the liberal media covered up the facts that: The killer was Muslim woman-hater, insane, but given a gun licence by the Quebec authorities; The "men" on the scene fled, leaving the females defenseless; the police refused to enter the scene until the shooting stopped; the killer's gun jammed, but the remaining victims, knowing nothing about guns or self defense, just waited until the killer unjammed his gun. (All these facts are published in an official report, also buried by the liberal media. ) In the face of these facts, a couple of anti-gun activists apparently linked to the Soros cabal, turned the isolated-event massacre into an annual anti-gun-anti-violence- against-female media event. What followed as well was The Firearms Act, a model for gun registration, denial of self-defense, and confiscation. One could only imagine how many Canadians have been killed or injured because firearm self-defense is as likely to get the victim jailed as the perpetrator.
Funny that NYS is next to Canada. Back in the nineties, the Federal Liberal government criminalized law-abiding Canadian gun owners in a similar fashion--as a reaction to a school shooting by a lunatic. Since then, legal gun owners are not criminals only because the government supplies them with a license. Of course, the amount of violent crime--including gun crime, has gone up. Canadian criminals don't care about the law, either. Canada has been a proving ground for U.S. anti-gun laws. Even though they don't work in Canada, some U.S. states still implement them. I guess it makes liberals feel good. I guess they feel good that the Canadian rape/100,000 is twice that of the U.S. Women cannot defend themselves with equalizing force in Canada.
There are plenty of armed ops, veterans, active duty people, who won't do that. I think that is what may lead to what is called a civil war. Some generals will forget that they took a pledge to defend the Constitution, not the president. Most will remember their oath. That could get quite nasty. Could Detroit end up looking like Aleppo? Oh, wait...
Oh, come on. What American citizen can build a home-made nuclear bomb? We leave the horrendous mass killings of innocent civilians to government. Check the meaning of militia: citizens who keep their firearms at home and can gather to repel tyranny.
Not Quite. AR stands for Armalite, the original manufacturer. "Assault Rifle" must have selective fire, including full automatic. Civilian AR's do not have that feature.
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