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True the Vote: Keeping Our Elections Free and Clean

Magna Wrote: Nov 05, 2012 6:11 PM
Most of them thought it better to Work here -live as Cheap as possible Here -Multiple men in a room and send all or the bulk of their money back to Mexico -they have done this for decades -so we get the trash side and Mexico gets the upside -sounds like a bargain -right -and Mexican corruption is pathetic from the top down -as the jobs are becoming more scarce in this country and they have less money to send home -many of these workers are heading home -you have to live here on the border to realize this -Northerners do not understand this dilemma whatsoever .

HOUSTON, TX - The 2012 election will be the first in 30 years where the country will see a large organized presence dedicated to the integrity of votes cast, all thanks to voter integrity group True the Vote.

During the 2008 election cycle, Catherine Engelbrecht volunteered at the polls in Harris County, the second largest voting block in Texas. She noticed that although she was there with a small group of people to observe, Harris County had a poll watcher shortage of at least 50 percent. There weren’t enough people observing the election process to prevent fraud....