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Trillion Dollar Coin Idea Dies Sudden Death

Magna Wrote: Jan 13, 2013 11:07 AM
Lets look at some of the Liberals underwhelming achievements in American History : The Iran Hostage Crisis The 20 % Inflation Rate of the late 70's Give Away the Panama Canal Whitewater FBI Files Monika----- Paula-----Gennifer ---I had to put on one line for space purposes Impeachment Process -Lied to America and his staff and Congress Allowed the consolidation of petroleum companies Barney had too many to list -pot in basement -escort service -partner was receiving favoritism Dodd received favorable loans Washington had bribe money in freezer Charlie Rangel was not paying taxes on his properties Maxine Waters was steering government business to her banker husband Would you like me to go on clown act ? There is so much more.

At long last, a stupid, as well as illegal idea dies on the vine. Bloomberg reports
Treasury, Fed Oppose Using Platinum Coin to Avoid Debt Limit

The U.S. Treasury Department and Federal Reserve oppose the idea of minting platinum coins as a way to avoid the U.S. debt ceiling, according to a statement from Treasury...