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The Real Trend for New Jobless Claims

Magna Wrote: Nov 07, 2012 2:34 PM
It was the chanting " Obama! Obama! Obama ! I Suppose to a card carrying Leftist Zealot such as yourself you wouldn't find anything unusual about it ! However to all of us sane clear headed thinking people out here who do not care to have their Children indoctrinated to idol worship such as you do -we found it scary and disturbing just like the last ones during the campaign with the zombie chanting children and paid off nasty senior citizens only Sick Wrapped Mind Liberals would use Children and Seniors in such a way -when not pulling wings off of Flies !

What's wrong with using moving averages to assess trends in economic data? After all, it's a practice that is endorsed by the Federal Reserve.

That question arises today because of the WSJ's Josh Mitchell's analysis from last Friday, which suggests that initial jobless claims are trending down:

The number of Americans applying for unemployment insurance has fallen sharply since summer. The four-week moving average...

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