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Senate Panel Oks Dems Gun Background Check Bill

Magna Wrote: Mar 15, 2013 12:01 PM
I am felling all Warm and Fuzzy -NOT ! Just a bunch of mindless Liberals as we all know them to be and i would not have given up one iota of ground on this most precious right that is not for the Taking by anyone -certainly our own countrymen ?!! What the Hel( is wrong with these- dare I call them Americans ? That would wish for us to loose our ever most sacred right that was handed down by our founding Fathers as they knew we should have and cherish this to stay free as Citizens -beware of the Government that wishes to disarm you as many of those Founding Fathers warned us about !As even now many in government say the Constitution is "Outdated" and"Not Relevant " to today and our our times -it is the Base and Foundation of this Country !