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Robert Redford’s Head is Full of Oil

Magna Wrote: Feb 19, 2013 8:00 AM
Yes there are larger players behind the scenes -i am afraid as they have much pesos to lose or gain on the out come of this decision -so whichever one can carry the most influence "envelope" in the congress thru the lobby effort will make the difference I am afraid -not which course of action is best for the Nation -your typical decision making process -cynical perhaps -however it seems to be the way of business in Washington -I did not start the fire -all of these losers did that are in there did -and need to be kicked out of office -starting with the loser Liberals who are in control of the wheel of this sinking ship and are primarily responsible !

If you’ve ever been to Washington, DC on a cold winter day, you’d know that 30 degrees Fahrenheit is pretty darned cold in the capital. With steady winds over 20 mph and the damp, swamp air, the cold snaps at you like the bitter end of a rolled up towel.

Chicago at 15 degrees isn’t as cold as DC at 30.

That’s why I find it hard to believe that 35,000-40,000 global warming activists, who by all rights should not have winter gear- they shouldn’t have it, nor should they be allowed to have it- showed up over the weekend in...