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On Business Dave Says Be a Tortoise

Magna Wrote: Mar 02, 2013 11:48 AM
If a "Friend" ever invites you to a party or get together and is very mysterious about what the purpose is to the meeting -Decline ! I have been invited to at least 4 of these smarmy events -and almost screamed and them the last 2 !

Dear Dave,

I’m a general contractor, and I was recently offered some business by a large corporation. I’d need new equipment to handle the job, and the purchase would use most of my cash flow. I’m wondering if the opportunity is worth the risk.


Dear Wayne,

I’m glad you realize that, on the surface, not all growth is good growth. The number-one thing that causes small businesses to fail is accounting and cash-flow problems. The second biggest thing is that they grow too quickly and fall in on themselves. Owners are sometimes scared to...