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Chris Christie is not Governor of the United States

Magna Wrote: Jan 10, 2013 6:52 PM
All of those poor saps were sold on how the Big Casino Money would improve their lot -and Atlantic City would become the Shining City on the Hill if they would just vote on the legalization of gambling -man were they ever sold a pig in a poke! The buses that bring the little old ladies from New York each day Over the bridge to the oasis of the Casinos where it seemed like all of the infrastructure and improvements took place while the rest of Atlantic City remained deplorable and decaying .Very depressing -did not stay long .

Let me say on the record that I don’t really care about New Jersey. I know very little about it. But, I know this much: I don’t want to live there and I don’t want the rest of the United States to resemble New Jersey.

For me New Jersey is the Joe Piscopo character asking anyone and everyone “Are you from Jersey? I’m from Jersey.”

Also, I’ve never seen the TV show “Jersey Shore,” but still I don’t like it. And know that I don’t want the rest of the country to resemble it, either.

It’s the state that elected...