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maverick13... Your grammatical errors are such that I can barely read your posting. Poor grammar makes what you say less believable. Your, you're, there, their, they're are NOT interchangeable, regardless of how they may sound. This article (IMHO) was/is not about Ed Henry. Or FOX News. Perhaps your left-leaning bias is showing? I'm just saying...
Ditto on Perry running. WTF is wrong with Kimmel and his seat in the nosebleed section? Weenie!
Moron? Look in the mirror. Moron, indeed.
Neocyte, IMHO, you are so correct!
Christie is a gentleman first and foremost. He set the tone for the remainder of the debate. He bases his debate on verifiable (and polite) facts. But, he's no sucker. He knows when to dig in his heels and throw a hardball. He can (respectfully) knock the smile off his opponent's face.
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