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If she is for "immigration reform," she's Latino all right. But please don't call "Latino" a race. It's a phony name made up by La Raza around 1968 to expand their Mexican base as explained in sinkorswimtogether.com. (La Raza was financed by the liberal Ford Foundation.) Half self-identify as white. Most don't use the name "Latino" but rather Mexican American, etc. Some 21% even identify as American. But it looks like our gov, media, census bureau are making them a de facto racial group including all races while the rest of us are divided up as black, Asian, "non-Hispanic white." We lose.
P.S. Leah, thank you so much for this focus on education. World Bank study cites education and rule of law as the basis for a successful nation over natural and man-made resources. We are losing both. Instead of ourselves and our posterity, foreigner posterity rules. "Latinos" were 9 million in 1970, 52 million in 2011, and projected to 133 million by 2050 (before latest invasion). SinkorSwimTogether.com
Cost is over $10,000 year for average student so K-12 would be $130,000. That's how California went broke... now 53% Hispanic and white, non-Hispanic 25%. In other words, our children pay the price of "cheap labor" as education is stolen. This is planned to dumb us down. Maybe smooth the way for the North American Union the Bushes and other elites love. 1) why not charge Mexico for each one allowed through? 2) With a $130,000 schooling, why don't immigrants return to Mexico to demand change in their own beautiful and wealthy country?
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Who Owns the Future?

Maggie168 Wrote: Aug 08, 2014 1:20 PM
A modest suggestion. U.S. population 200 million in 1970, 300 million in 2005, esti. 400 million in 2043 (U.S. Census pre current invasion). Plus, Ted Kennedy's Immigration Act of 1965 put new immigrants in charge of 2/3 of arrivals (mostly poor) through chain migration. (2012: Mexico, China, India and the Philippines were biggest senders of over a million total) We need a moratorium or, see SinkorSwimTogether.com, a return to the average 250,000 all inclusive of amnesties/refugees prior to 1965. We should take a breather to maintain our schools and limited resources. We should put the good of posterity above all.
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Stop the Coming Obamnesty!

Maggie168 Wrote: Aug 01, 2014 1:18 PM
Mexico is the enabler. Congress should vote to charge Mexico (or withhold from any aid) $50,000 for each illegal alien they allow to get through. Their own immigration policy is strictly enforced and not allowed to upset the demographics.
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Bordering on Madness

Maggie168 Wrote: Jul 22, 2014 11:23 AM
Thank goodness for Thomas Sowell. 20 years ago Senator Dianne Feinstein testified that California is "an immigration disaster" and Senator Harry Reid called illegal aliens "free loaders and scam artists" while proposing an "Immigration Stabilization Act" as reminded on citizen-site Sinkorswimtogether.com. Time to act. Keep on contacting Congress. (They are out during August - maybe home?)
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